9 Ways to Go Green this Freshers

    It's no secret, it's never been more cool to care about the environment.

    With the rise of conscious clubbing, plastic free discos and species on the brink of extinction, it's time to start doing more than just turning off the occasional light.

    To help you make a difference here are 9 easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint this year.

    1) Carpooling.

    Carpooling means more people in a car, which means fewer cars making the same journey, simple enough? Less air pollution, less noise pollution, less carbon emissions and more chance of your kids seeing a polar bear. Carpooling is a direct step towards a cleaner and greener environment.

    If that wasn't enough to persuade you of the wonders of carpooling, you also; save money, reduce congestion and in some cases, gain access to carpooling lanes.

    2) Skip the plastics - get a reusable bottle.

    The average human needs to drink the equivalent of 4 bottles of water per day. A simple switch to a reusable bottle could save 1,460 plastic bottles a year.

    Not only is there an immense environmental benefit to switching to reusable bottles but you save plenty of money.

    Next time you're out, have a little look around, I bet you'll be blown away by the amount of people with reusable bottles.

    3) Shop second hand - vintage, thrift & charity shops.

    Not only is it 100x more trendy to buy clothes from charity shops and thrift stores, it actually has a pretty big impact on the environment.

    There's a lot of energy that goes into the production of our clothes, there's also a huge impact on habitat loss and pollution of natural resources.

    You save money ✅ save the planet ✅ and look cooler ✅.

    4) Eat less red meat, especially beef.

    Beef is the easiest lifestyle habit to change which has a big impact on the environment.

    A recent study showed that the production of one burger emits as much greenhouse gas as a drive of nearly 200 miles. A simple solution. Swap those beef burgers for chicken or veggie burgers and you're well on your way to being the greenest fresher of them all.

    5) Buy a second hand bike.

    It's no secret, cars are bad for the planet.

    Although buses are better the humble bike is even better. With more and more cities becoming increasingly cycle friendly, it's time to start getting active.

    Your university will have regular bike fairs, most student towns will have cycle lanes and they're a cheap and quick way of getting around (just make sure you wear a helmet)!

    6) Don't rebuy, reuse!

    We've all had that pair of shoes that seem to last a lifetime. We've also had the shoes that seem to last a day.

    Think ahead, buy smart and repaire/restore where possible.

    Needs and wants!

    7) Get some plants in your room.

    Although this isn't likley to have the same level of environmental impact as some of the other ideas, it certainly will make your room greener!

    Also according to a study by NASA, houseplants provide your room with more oxygen which in turn leads to a better nights sleep.

    8) Stop using disposable plastics bags.

    There's a reason why single use plastics are starting to be banned in countries around the world.

    Each year 100 million marine animals die each year directly from the consumption of plastic waste.

    If you eat fish, it's likely that you'll be eating this plastic too.

    9) Offset your carbon emissions.

    Do you know what the maximum amount of C02 a personal should produce per year in order to halt climate change is? It's 0.600t C02.

    A round trip from London to Barcelona is 0.499t C02, which means that in the space of two short flights, you've used up 5/6ths of your yearly allowance.

    So look at ways to offset your carbon emissions, or plan a staycation next summer - Cornwall is pretty nice!

    Here you go, please follow some of these suggestions or let us know about other ways you're helping the environment.

    So next time you're thinking about buying a new pair of trainers or that jacket from ASOS, maybe you should just buy a ticket on FIXR - it's much better for the 🌍.

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