Nottingham Trent University launch #TrentFreshers

Nottingham Trent University launch #TrentFreshers

Starting university at Nottingham Trent this year? #TrentFreshers is famed for being one of the best in the UK. Getting a freshers pass for the official freshers week organised by the students' union at Nottingham Trent is the cheapest way to maximise your fun.

With student favourites spread over 10 days from Friday 15th to Sunday 24th of September this year, the SU offers three different types of passes for freshers, and a refreshers pass for those coming back too.

The Freshers Pass gives priority and guaranteed access to your choice of events ahead of non-pass holders. From raves, silent discos and the legendary Trent Army night to NTSU's very own festival, freshers week events are hosted at some of Nottingham's most iconic venues including Rock City, PRYZM, The Level, Unit 13, Ocean, Stealth and more.

For more detailed information on both passes and events head to the Nottingham Trent Freshers website.

Looking to buy separate tickets to Nottingham Trent freshers events? Head to Nottingham Trent Students Union on FIXR to buy tickets to events starting at £7.

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