How to set up and manage an effective rep team?

How to set up and manage an effective rep team?

An effective team of reps can be the most powerful marketing channel for a promoter or event organiser, however they can be hard to set up and even harder to keep running smoothly.

I've worked as ticket rep for event organisers in Manchester, and now I run a team of 30 reps for my own events, so I thought I'd get down the lessons I've learned when it comes to setting up and managing a rep team.

Finding the reps

This is undoubtedly the hardest part of setting up a rep team. It's important to know at the outset that you're NOT going to recieve a pile of CV's from a potential student reps. You have to be proactive, and hunt down potential reps yourself, and get them onboard. If you are lucky, some will find you but you still have to find the majority of them.

Try and build a diverse team with the biggest total network; across different years, different halls, different friendship circles with a balance between boys and girls. This diverstiy is important in maximising exposure and reach which in turn should lead to more clicks and more ticket sales.

Often the best place to start is your exisiting ticket buying audience as they know about your event and should be easiet to get on board.

Rep links

The easiest way to set up and manage rep links is using a ticketing platform like FIXR ;)

FIXR Organiser allows you to easily invite reps to your event and set them up on a specific commission structure (how much they can earn per ticket). Once they are up and running you can login to your account and easily track how each rep is getting along with a dashboard of their sales.

Once the event has finished, FIXR will automatically pay all the reps the commission due, so you can focus on the event and not the accounting.

Managing the team

All of the above information might prove useless, if you struggle to communicate with your reps.

Most of the time you will not be able to speak to your reps individually - so be smart and pick a good platform to have group chats - as well as seeking out facetime with each as necessary.

Facebook Groups.

  • Possibly the easiest way to communicate with a rep team, a facebook group has all the features you will need to manage your team.
  • You can do posts, stating what needs to be done, who's done well and what needs to happen.
  • Make it an invite only group, then only you have the power to control who's in the group.
  • Set challenges or prizes in the group so that people stay motivated and feel competitive about selling the most tickets.

Facebook Messenger / Whatsapp Group.

  • Good for broadcasting messages and having all your reps together.
  • Not so great for organising people, as lots of messages can easily become chaotic.
  • Easy for the reps to add people they think might be good reps without having to go through you.

A cohesive and well organised rep team can drive the ticket sales of an event and allow you to build a strong brand.

Good luck and email if you have any questions about how to set up reps on FIXR.