Spotlight On: After.shwop

Spotlight On: After.shwop

We caught up with Amy Pickles from After.shwop, a clothes swapping event with an aim to make shopping for clothes more sustainable, to see how their journey with FIXR has been so far!

What inspired you to start After.shwop?

I was inspired to start After.shwop after I felt there was a lack of easily accessible, fun ways of shopping for clothes sustainably. Online marketplaces are so great but sometimes it can be time consuming to upload your items if selling, and find the right size etc if purchasing. You also have to have a lot of trust that the item will look like the photos and fit correctly, as you can’t usually return.

I think clothes swaps are a great way of very easily giving things you no longer wear a new home, and straight away in return picking up new things for your wardrobe. There’s no hassle of trying to sell and post items you may only get a very small amount of money for, you just simply bring the clothes along and pick up some bits you’ll get more use out of!

How does a clothes swap event work?

All organisers of swap shop events tend to use slightly different rules and logistics. Some go by the number of items you bring is the number of items you can take. After.shwop works by customers filling no more than a small bag for life, we then give them back the carrier bag and they can fill it back up with whatever items they want!

Why is clothes swapping great for the environment?

Clothes swapping is great for the environment because it means unwanted clothes get a new home straight away and won’t end up in landfill. It’s also providing an alternative to shopping on fast fashion sites, and the more we avoid this, the kinder we’re being to the planet!

What is the biggest challenge you faced starting your event?

The biggest challenge I faced when doing my first event was the uncertainty of how it would turn out! I was excited but so nervous at the same time to see how it would all pan out.

What does the future look like for After.shwop?

The goal is to run more events, in more cities, at an even bigger scale!

And finally...why did you choose FIXR as your ticket platform?

I chose to use fixr as my ticket platform as it was so user friendly. As soon as I set up my account, I was contacted by Ana who assured me she’d be there to help if I had any questions or issues along the way. I’ll definitely be using FIXR for future events!

After.shwop are on a mission to reduce to amount of fast fashion that is purchased and to help make the world of fashion a more sustainable place. Head to The Sneinton Market Avenues in Nottingham, to find some fresh new pieces for your wardrobe!