FIXR Event Organiser Stories: Liverpool University Athletics Union

FIXR Event Organiser Stories: Liverpool University Athletics Union

We've been all over the country talking to event organisers big and small to find out why they use FIXR. From Halloween frights to boxing nights, and white-tie-balls to festivals, organisers have told us their FIXR stories, providing tips and tricks for you to use for your next event.

The Athletics Union (AU) runs a number of events across the year for all the sports clubs of Liverpool Uni. Whilst organising parties for 2,250 people can be difficult, the ticketing doesn't have to be, and we spoke to Tommy, the AU President, to find out their FIXR story.

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1. How did you first start using FIXR?

"This year was the first time that we didn't have to use our Student Union's (SU) ticketing service, and so we were on the look out for better alternatives. FIXR was the most flexible, easy to use and low-cost ticketing provider we could find, and so our decision was made!"

2. What was the Student Union's ticketing service like?

"The SU system did the basics well, but it lacked a lot of features that are necessary for students, such as ticket transfers. Buying on re-sell sites is a big thing in Liverpool, and AU members often lost money as they couldn't sell a ticket on if they unexpectedly couldn't make an event. Additionally, we used wristbands as tickets rather than online ones, which not only were quite expensive, but a logistical nightmare too."

3. How did FIXR deal with this?

"Well first it has the ticket transfer technology! This is a unique FIXR feature and makes sure that people who want to transfer their ticket can. And secondly, the FIXR ticket is a digital QR code (that can be printed too), which is a load easier than having wristbands!"

4. Have you found other features useful?

"Yeah, there are a quite a few ticketing extras which help a lot. We can now set obligatory questions for each ticket buyer, and this has enabled us to have a lot better understanding of who's coming to an event. For example, we now always ask what specific sports club people come from as this provides handy data.

Additionally, we can now easily set up FIXR accounts for individual sports clubs, so that all their events are run on FIXR, and their ticket revenue goes to the club's bank account rather than a student's. This is really useful for two reasons; students don't have to worry about having a lot of money lying in their bank account, and no rogue student can run away with it all!

FIXR then have this great sub-account feature, which really brings together all individual sports club accounts under one big Liverpool AU account. This makes it really easy for me to see how each club is doing and allows me to help out setting up their event."

Sub-account Feature

5. Would you recommend it to other AU committees and presidents?

"Definitely, and sorry that I'm repeating myself now! Having all the ticketing on one dashboard makes it easy to keep your eye on how things are going, which is key when you are overseeing so many sports clubs. Also, FIXR has the lowest ticketig rates and allows ticket transfers, which are vital aspects for student ticketing. I've really enjoyed using it and I'm looking forward to getting more AU stuff on it."

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