How to avoid fake events this freshers week

How to avoid fake events this freshers week

Freshers week is often one of the highlights of the first year at university, filled with unforgettable nights out and exciting experiences.

The majority of the events you see and the tickets you buy will be real. Unfortunately, however, some people do try to sell unauthorised tickets during freshers or welcome week.

To make sure your freshers experience is as enjoyable as it should be, it's important to be aware of how to spot legitimate events and those few which might be scams. Here are some tips for buying tickets.

Search on social media

Do your research before booking a freshers event. If the event says it officially partners with your university, check your student union's website and social media to see if they are also promoting the event. These events will often be held at venues on campus or at well-known local venues.

If you can't see any posts or announcements where your uni is talking about the event, you could send either your student union or the ticketing platform an message to double-check.

Event organisers using FIXR are encouraged to add their social media and website links to their FIXR organizer page. This makes it easier for you to verify their legitimacy and reach out if necessary

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Get recommendations from students

Reach out to second, third, or fourth year students for a second opinion. This could be friends, family or other connections, or if you don't know people already at uni, find online communities that share advice and recommendations for first years.

Search for your uni, course or accommodation on social media and you're likely to find Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups and Instagram accounts or hashtags. If you find, follow or talk to people online that you don't know, check that they are a student and giving genuine advice and opinions.

Students already at your uni can give insight into what events are on, what's fun, and what - if anything - to steer clear of, and why.

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Check for key information

There are a few details which you should look out for when deciding whether to book an event which could act as indicators as to whether it is legit.

These include checking the venue and cross-referencing on their official channels. If an event has 'venue tbc' or 'multiple venues' then it could be a sign that it's not legit, especially as the date of the event gets closer.

You should also look for things like the event description and artwork. Are either of them missing? Check whether the description is lacking details, or if the event artwork is the same stock imagery across multiple events. These could indicate that the events aren't genuine.

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Use a trusted ticketing platform

If something feels off about an event, there are lots of people you can ask: friends and family who've been to that uni, online communities of students, your student union, the event organiser and the venue (these may be two separate companies).

The ticketing platform where the event is listed should also provide contact details on their website or app, and be happy to try to answer any questions. A quick search on a review site like Trustpilot or Google Business will show you any reviews left by ticket buyers about an events company, venue, or ticketing platform.

FIXR works closely with universities, student unions and societies as well as local organisers of student events like nightlife and festivals.

If you have any questions or concerns about an event, feel free to email, open a chat window on or send us a direct message on social media. We're happy to help! Get ready to make the most out of freshers/welcome week 2023.

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