See your fanbase grow with FIXR Followers

See your fanbase grow with FIXR Followers

We've made some improvements to the followers feature on FIXR, and we're excited to share them with you! Not only will you now have greater visibility of how your fanbase is growing, you'll also notice an increase in your followers over the coming weeks and months.

Here's what you need to know.

New ways to see your audience

When you log in to your FIXR Organiser account, you might notice that your home dashboard looks a little different.

We've added a chart to show you the growth in your followers, highlighting the number and percentage increase across any selected time period (which you can select as normal on the date picker).

We've also improved your ability to see your top customers; rather than just displaying 'all-time' figures for events attended, tickets and revenue, you can now also see these insights for any date range that you choose.

Subscribed ticket buyers become followers

You might also see a noticeable increase in your follower count; this is because we've made some changes to the way your fans become followers for your events.

Previously, fans would only become followers by hitting the 'Follow This Organiser' button on your organiser or event pages. Now, if a customer opts in to receiving comms when purchasing tickets for your events, they will automatically become a follower.

This means you can now reach a bigger audience, as followers are automatically notified when new events go live.

The benefits

Not only will the changes massively increase the number of engaged fans who follow your events - increasing your reach and the likelihood of future ticket purchases - they will also help give you even better, actionable insights into your audience and its growth.

Improved tracking of your top customers can help you to efficiently tap into the benefit of the FIXR Rep Platform. Turning your top customers into advocates and ambassadors for your brand, and enabling them to rep your events in order to earn commission, is an easy way embrace the benefits of word-of-mouth and peer-to-peer marketing, helping your brand reach new audiences and penetrate so-called 'dark' social channels like WhatsApp or other private platforms.

Similarly, being able to identify any superfans also opens up opportunities for micro-influencer marketing. On your FIXR dashboard, you can create tracking links to give to influencers who may want to promote your brand on their channels (or in collaboration with others) to monitor the impact of any marketing campaigns and see how many ticket sales they are driving.

Watch this space for more information and top tips on audience insights, growing your fanbase, and the ways that you can communicate with your followers.