How to notify your followers about your new events

How to notify your followers about your new events

Reach a wider audience by using the new look follow an organiser feature.

Notify followers via email and/or push notifications when you release tickets for your next event and anticipate a spike in traffic and ticket sales.

Emails and push notifications are sent automatically, in real-time. All you have to do is confirm that you want them to be sent when you make your event live.

The benefits

  • Build a following of interested ticket buyers and keep them engaged with each live event announcement
  • Increase your event page traffic from email and push notification click throughs
  • Sell more tickets and faster, as you tell the people most likely to buy tickets first - your followers

How it works
Ticket buyers opt in to receive updates by email and/or push notifications via the FIXR app when they click  “follow this organiser”.

Emails and push notifications automatically send to followers when you make an event live. This ensures your most engaged audience stays in-the-know about your upcoming events and gives your biggest fans a chance to get their hands on early bird and first release tickets before everyone else.

Each time you make an event live, you will be asked to confirm that you want to send an email and push (you can also choose not to). If you make multiple events live at the same time, one email and one push notification will be sent combining all the latest events. This is to make the user experience positive and seamless.

Encourage people to follow you on FIXR as well as on social media and be found and followed by new audiences who discover you while using the platform.

Top tip
We’ll notify your followers via email and push notification when your next event goes live and you can extend your email marketing reach by downloading your (GDPR compliant) attendee lists from previous events and notifying them.

Get started
This feature is now live on and the FIXR app for iOS and Android.

Watch your page views spike when you make your event live and anticipate more ticket sales, sooner!