Introducing Insights, the new standard for event analytics

Introducing Insights, the new standard for event analytics

What is Insights?

Put simply, it's sophisticated business intelligence for event organisers, designed to harness the potential of data to develop and drive event success.

It goes beyond providing simple data or basic top-line metrics to explore more sophisticated, actionable analytics; giving you valuable information about your audience, events and business as a whole.

What can it offer event organisers?


A first for the ticketing industry, with enormous potential.

You will now be able to compare the performance of your events against industry averages, based on aggregated and anonymised data from comparable event organisers and event types.

This contextualises your data in real terms by seeing clear visualisations of how you compare to similar event organisers.

  • Are you charging more or less per ticket than competitors on average?
  • How does the most popular entry time for your events compare with others?
  • Is your no-show rate (based on % of tickets scanned) higher or lower than average?
  • How does your customer churn rate compare? I.e. are you losing customers at a higher rate than you'd expect?

Comparing these metrics and more will help you to identify opportunities for improvement, spot outliers and fine-tune your events to maximise your chances of success.

Customers and demographics

Another key feature of Insights is the more detailed understanding it will offer when it comes to understanding your customers and followers.

As well as exploring data on demographics -  like the average age of attendees across your events and the proportion of new vs returning customers - you'll also be able to see who your highest-value customers are based on tickets purchased, events attended and total revenue.

Crucially, we will also show you the 'status' of your customers:

  • Active - customers who regularly purchase or have recently purchased a ticket
  • At risk - customers who are at risk of lapsing
  • Lapsed - customers who haven't purchased a ticket for a significant period

This will enable you to identify not only your highest-value customers but also those you should consider targeting specifically in upcoming marketing campaigns to retain their custom and continue growing your audience.

While other platforms say things like "you'll own your data" this is often limited in terms of access and control, or removed from any context as to what the information actually means or how you can use it.

The ability to visualise trends and access predictive analysis is another aspect of Insights that sets it apart from existing analytics tools across the industry.

Comparing trends for key metrics like revenue and ticket sales between multiple events offers the opportunity to predict event performance and adapt strategies to course-correct.

Why did we build it?

We are committed to providing sophisticated, enterprise-grade business intelligence tools to the events industry. We understand the value of data and the enormous potential that using it intelligently has to help event organisers of all shapes and sizes.

Providing actionable insights can help organisers to develop a more comprehensive understanding of their events, empowering them to grow and retain their audiences, and shape the long-term success of their events businesses.

Many established players in the ticketing industry have stagnated, surviving off name recognition alone without evolving to meet the changing needs of event organisers. Other, newer alternatives have fallen into the same traps, favouring style over substance and failing to bring a coherent proposition for the long-term, sustainable value they can offer to the event organisers they work with.

While analytics and business intelligence tools are commonplace in other industries and have been for years, they are severely lacking within ours, and we see the potential to advance our industry by putting the control back into the hands of the event organisers.

By giving them the information and tools to forge their continued and repeatable success, we believe this can be the start of a more sophisticated, sustainable way of working for the events industry.

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