The OddBalls Foundation partners with FIXR

The OddBalls Foundation partners with FIXR

We're proud to announce a brand new partnership with leading testicular cancer awareness charity The OddBalls Foundation. Working with our FIXR Student Network, FIXR will be contributing towards the OddBalls Brand Ambassadors' fundraising targets over the coming months, helping support the charity's nationwide awareness campaigns.

Founded in 2015, OddBalls raises awareness for testicular cancer, with part of the fundraising coming through the selling of their unmistakable apparel, such as underwear, sports kits and beanies. One of the main ways they deliver their message is through their University Ambassador Programme. These students visit schools, universities and workplaces, delivering talks on testicular cancer; reminding people to check their balls – and removing any stigma and embarrassment about it!

The OddBalls Foundation are also known for their charity sports matches and events, including the annual OddBalls Foundation Festival - consisting of rugby and hockey matches, food, drink, music and good vibes - and we will be working with them as their ticket provider for their upcoming event in 2024. Watch this space for more information.

If you are interested in getting involved in the OddBalls University Ambassador programme, check out their website for more information.

Head to this page to learn more about the FIXR Student Network, and to apply to become a Student Brand Partner.