What's On: Fight Nights and White-Collar Boxing Events

What's On: Fight Nights and White-Collar Boxing Events

The popularity of fight nights and white-collar boxing events has skyrocketed in recent years. Now they are some of the most hotly-anticipated and enthusiastically attended events in the social calendar, especially for students.

Bringing together attendees in the thousands these events offer devoted and dedicated competitors a shot at glory, and an exhilarating night of entertainment for spectators.

From black-tie affairs to charity fundraisers, check out a selection below of fight nights and white-collar boxing events happening over the next few weeks, and across the country.

Student Fight Night Durham

Durham’s premier student boxing event brings the biggest spectacle yet, with 30 student fighters battling it out. All tickets include transport between Durham and the venue, plus entry to the official after-party at Babylon. All in aid of the OddBalls Foundation, raising awareness for testicular cancer around the UK.

When: Saturday 2nd March
Where: Rainton Meadows Arena, Durham

Fight Night Ciren

One of the biggest nights of the year is back for Round 9, welcoming students to Corn Hall as Cirencester's finest compete to be crowned champion out over three 2-minute rounds.

When: Wednesday 6th March
Where: The Corn Hall and Arcade, Cirencester

Student Fight Night Southampton

March 8th marks Southampton's very first edition of the electrifying black-tie boxing extravaganza. Watch 28 of Southampton’s finest and fieriest take to the ring.

When: Friday 8th March
Where: Switch, Southampton

Student Fight Night London

Following another cracking event last December, Student Fight Night returns to the iconic and historic London venue The Clapham Grand for another instalment of the beloved black-tie boxing showcase.

When: Sunday 10th March
Where: The Clapham Grand, London

Glasgow vs Stirling vs Strathclyde Fight Night

The University of Glasgow Boxing Club proudly presents the most anticipated university boxing event of the year – Fight Night 2024. This event will feature a series of bouts that showcase the formidable talents of boxers from three of Scotland's top boxing clubs: Glasgow Boxing, Strathclyde Boxing, and Stirling Boxing.

When: Wednesday 13th March
Where: Platform Glasgow

Gentlemen's Fight Night 2024

One of the most eagerly-awaited and hotly anticipated events in the Oxford Brookes social calendar. 2500 people come together in a big-top tent, dressed to the nines, to witness the crowning of new GFN champions.

When: Friday 15th March
Where: Horspath Sports Ground, Oxford

Fight Night - Leeds Beckett

Where better than an industrial warehouse setting to play host to a fight club, where Leeds Beckett's fiercest fighters battle it out to be crowned champion.

When: Friday 15th March
Where: Project House, Leeds

Fight Night - University of Leeds

Night two of the Leeds takeover, and it's the turn of the University of Leeds to provide their toughest competitors for the ultimate showdown.

When: Saturday 16th March
Where: Project House, Leeds

The Fighter - Bristol

Bristol, are you ready to rumble? The O2 Academy will host a night where the bravest competitors take to the ring. 1400 spectators, 34 boxers, 17 bouts, 3 two-minute rounds.

When: Tuesday 19th March
Where: 02 Academy, Bristol

Fight Night 2024 - St Andrews

Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable night where twenty students fight for glory in the boxing haven that is Kinkell Byre. Over the past two months, the fighters have received expert training in Dundee in preparation for a huge spectacle featuring a lineup of esteemed student DJs.

When: Thursday 21st March
Where: Kinkell Byre, St Andrews

Fight Night Exe

Exeter Castle plays coliseum for the night, which sees the university's fiercest boxing gladiators battle it out to be crowned champion.

When: Saturday 23rd March
Where: Exeter Castle

Bristol Student Fight Night

40 student fighters from UOB & UWE will be pushed to their limits for the love of boxing entertainment at SWX. Eight weeks of focus, dedication and training (both physically and mentally) for 3 rounds in the ring.

When: Wednesday 17th April
Where: SWX Bristol

Fight Night LDN

Having launched in 2012, this is one of the longest-running white-collar boxing brands in the country. Their next event at the iconic Clapham Grand is a landmark 25th instalment of the beloved event.

When: Thursday 25th April
Where: Clapham Grand, London