Sell tickets directly on Facebook with FIXR Ticket Shop

Sell tickets directly on Facebook with FIXR Ticket Shop

Update as of 01/11/21: Facebook has recently made changes preventing third party data from displaying within Facebook pages. Third party Ticketshop integrations like ours rely on this functionality to display events from the FIXR Organiser onto a Facebook page. As a result, the Facebook Ticketshop feature is now inactive.

No prior warning was given by Facebook about this change and we understand that it may be permanent. As a result, the Facebook Ticketshop feature is no longer functional

Without question, Facebook is the number 1 platform for marketing events. Globally over 550 million people engage with Facebook events each month - including 41% of all UK Facebook users

So it's no wonder that so many event organisers spend the majority of their marketing budget on Facebook. However, almost all event organisers send their customers away from Facebook to another platform to browse tickets and complete a purchase. These additional steps increase the number of clicks required to buy a ticket, and results in lost sales.

To fix this issue, and shorten the ticket buying journey, FIXR have built a solution!


Ticket shop is our widget that automatically adds your events directly to Facebook. This way your customers can quickly and efficiently purchase your event's tickets on your Facebook page. However, in order to set this up your page needs over 2,000 followers. This is not our rule but Facebook's and sadly there is no workaround!


  1. Head over to, and then create or sign-in your Organiser Account.
  1. On the right hand side of the page, click on 'Configure Ticket Shops' (in green below).
  1. Once you click 'Configure Ticket Shops' you will be presented with two options. Click on the 'Facebook' (left) option. (For a guide to setting up Ticket Shop on 'Your Website', click here).
  1. Give your Ticket Shop a name that makes sense to you.
  1. Once you click 'ADD TO FACEBOOK', you will get a pop up from Facebook asking you to select the page that you want to add the ticket shop to. Select the correct page and click 'Add Page Tab'. This will automatically add your ticket shop to your Facebook Page as a new tab.

This tab will automatically be named 'Buy Tickets' but you can change this name and the order of the tabs in page settings.

Congratulations, you're all set-up! Now any events added to your FIXR Organiser Acoount will automatically be listed on your Facebook Page, allowing your customers to browse and buy tickets straight from Facebook.

Join the fastest growing ticketing platform in the UK and start selling tickets for free in just 4 minutes.

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