FIXR's End Of Year Review 2022

FIXR's End Of Year Review 2022

2022 was the year that more new features than ever were added to FIXR.

Use FIXR for your events in 2023 to get your events in front of more potential ticket buyers, use pre-sale waitlists to build an interested audience and get well-connected local reps to sell your tickets.

In case you missed it, here's a round-up of what happened in 2022 and what to expect in 2023.

Sell more tickets with reps

Rep Platform

The Rep Platform had a makeover. Dashboards for event organisers and reps have additional data and insights to make managing reps and being a rep easier.  

What’s new for event organisers:

  • Set events to publicly reppable so anyone - existing reps and people who are interested in becoming a rep - can find your events and sell tickets.
  • See insights like top earners, total revenue from reps and most repped events to better understand how your reps are performing.
  • Save time on event admin. When reps request pay outs (you set the ticket commission in advance), FIXR processes the payment so you don't have to.

What's new for reps:

  • Search by venue, event organiser/event brand or event on the discovery tab to find events to rep.
  • Easily access key information like how many tickets you've sold and how much ticket commission you've earned.
  • Create a rep profile to be invited by event organisers to rep for them.

Build hype around events with waitlists


Whether your event sells out minutes after tickets go live or you sell more tickets on the day, with a waitlist, you can sell tickets faster and ensure your event is at capacity. Fans who join waitlists to stay in the know are the first in line for tickets so they avoid missing out.

Why should I use a waitlist for events?

  • Build up an audience of interested ticket buyers pre-sale.
  • Create a buzz around events in advance.
  • Sell tickets faster when people on the waitlist get push notified and emailed to say tickets are on sale.
  • Get fewer refund requests as refunded tickets go straight back on sale.

Manage events with max capacity

Max Capacity

Knowing the capacity of an event is really important for event organisers and venue managers to be able to give ticket buyers a good, safe experience.

Why set a max capacity for events?

  • Restricts an organiser to over-sell an event.
  • Prevents a bad experience for ticket buyers being refunded tickets when an event has been oversold.
  • Be better prepared for their events by keeping track of how many tickets have been sold. (You can even use this data to create ‘last chance’ hype on your socials!)

Easily and quickly create guestlists

Guest List

Need to give free entry to artists, sponsors or friends? Create multiple guestlists and populate them individually or together. Send tickets to as few or as many guests as you like, even if they are not already a FIXR user.

What are the benefits of using a guestlist?

  • People on your guestlist don't need to have a FIXR account to be added.
  • Create a guestlist-only queue if your using the free FIXR Entry Manager App for ticketing scanning on the door so people can get in faster.
  • It's simple to use, just add peoples' names and emails in the guestlist section of the FIXR Organiser or import a CSV file of an existing list.

Improve your ad tracking and reporting

TikTok & Snapchat Pixels

Tracking pixels enable you to learn more about your target audience and tailor your ads based on your findings. Since 2022, you can add your TikTok and Snapchat tracking pixels to your FIXR Organiser account, as well as your Facebook pixel. Go to Manage Account > Account Settings and scroll down to add them.

Snapchat pixel benefits

Use your Snapchat pixel when advertising and you can better understand:

  • If a user from Snapchat sees your ad and makes a conversion on a desktop device instead of a mobile.
  • The types of people who are most likely to take similar actions.
  • How to unlock conversion optimisation for your ad campaigns.

TikTok pixel benefits

Use your TikTok pixel when advertising and you can better understand:

  • Your ad performance and conversions.
  • How to optimise your ad delivery and what will be more enticing to your audience.
  • Your audiences (based on their behaviour the pixels track).

Enhanced event discovery

FIXR website

FIXR got a new look in early 2022 which included advanced search updates and next-level event discovery. Search results are more tailored to ticket buyers' locations and additional filters allow ticket buyers to get more accurate search results.

How do I get my events seen by more people?

  • Add event artwork to capture attention. Design a graphic or use a good photo from a past event.
  • Use keywords in your event title and description to increase your chances of appearing in Google Search results.
  • Add an event description to sell your event to people viewing the page. Don't leave it blank and risk people not buying because they didn't have enough info.

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